Acura Precision Concept Price

Acura has been facing some difficulties lately since its entire lineup consists out of two SUVs and three sedans, while its competition offers pretty diverse lineups. The years of struggling and falling behind might finally be over for the Japanese carmaker, since it recently unveiled its brand-new design language at the Detroit Auto Show. The newly designed model, dubbed the Acura Precision, will introduce bolder and more attractive design but it will bring more distinctive future for the carmaker itself. The concept represents an attractive sport sedan with fastback-like roof and brand-new features which you haven’t seen on any Acura model so far. There is no doubt that the Acura Precision Concept will shape the carmaker’s future once it hits showrooms. Read the article below and find out more about Precision’s interior, exterior, and power source.

Acura Precision Concept Doors 1

Acura Precision Concept Exterior

The Precision depicts low-slung, sporty model and it is a great opportunity for the carmaker to explore and turn into reality some new, more exciting and dramatic ideas. When you look at the picture of the concept, it is easy to conclude that it looks rather futuristic and modern. The front fascia of the vehicle will be the most aggressive design you’ve yet to see on Acura’s model due to the massive, sharp grille for which the carmaker says its “diamond pentagon grille”. The sharp, squint, LED headlamps also give the vehicle a rather aggressive look, probably because they stretch all the way to the wheel arches of the car. The carmaker’s new design language will feature a lot of sharp creases, so both the bonnet and the apron feature sharp creases. The Precision, or at least its concept, is 204 inches long, 84 inches wide and 52 inches tall.

Acura Precision Concept Exterior

Interior of Acura Precision Concept

Judging by the aggressive and sharp exterior, we expected even more dramatic things inside of the cabin and that’s what we got. The carmaker clearly went wild with all these futuristic design elements such as double-layered dashboard, “floating” touch-sensitive display, “floating” second row of seats, and much more. Major part of the surfaces is dressed in leather. The lower dashboard, seat backs, and center console are wrapped in white leather, while steering wheel, the upper dashboard and other surfaces get reddish-brown leather. The carmaker will up the ante with cutting edge technology that will be the most advanced, modern, and useful technology you’ve ever seen in any Acura product.

Acura Precision Concept Interior

Precision Concept Engine

What launches the Acura Precision Concept? At this point, we know nothing, since the carmaker hasn’t said a word about the drivetrain. The vehicle might be using the 3.5-liter V-6 power-plant and the RLX Sport’s hybrid system. The combo is good for 377 horsepower in the RLX, but it will probably crank out more power in the Precision due to all its advanced technology. The concept will probably see the light of the day in two or three years and until then, the carmaker could develop even more powerful and efficient hybrid combo. Time will say what kind of engine will be powering the Acura Precision.
Acura Precision Concept Engine

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