2016 Honda Jazz Review

When it comes to the newly made 2016 Honda Jazz, certainly, worth of mentioning is that this brand new variant presents, practically, Honda Fit. Under the name “Honda Jazz”, it has been familiar all over the Globe, while under the name “Honda Fit” is reserved for the North American, Chinese and Japanese car markets. Now that we have, hopefully, clarified all that mess, we can go to the general impression that the Honda Jazz leaves. Firstly, it is essential to mention that compared to Honda Fit’s previously variant, Honda Jazz comes with pretty much the same appearance. That, in reality, means that out of a newly made Honda Jazz is expected to be built on the identical global B-segment platform, which will make Jazz firmer and highly attractive vehicle.
2016 Honda Jazz Front

2016 Honda Jazz Interior, Exterior & Appearance

It is planned that the 2016 Honda Jazz remains to be a proper rounded sedan vehicle, which will come with a shockingly roomy interior that is considered to be the class-leading features. It will also have a fuel tank, positioned beneath the front seats. In order to boost its inner part, Honda’s designers have decided to use nothing but the top-quality materials to sheathe the entire interior. Although, they have succeeded in their attention to provide a slightly bigger amount of a luxurious feeling, but, the presence of still, a bit, conservative instrument board and the absence of a center stack, disperse the entire fantasy. As being the third-era model, this brand new variant will come along available with a marginally more improved styling, offering, at the same time extraordinary fuel effectiveness and an utterly smooth driving motion.
2016 Honda Jazz Interior
When it comes to the exterior design, the two adjectives, which are describing the best newly made Honda Jazz, are the simply impeccable and very clear design. Starting from its front fascia that presents some kind of a trademark for the vehicle. Beside it has been really imaginatively crafted, it is cornered by vast laid-back headlights coupled with slightly redesigned trapezoid lower air intake, which main purpose is to serve to draw out the front veil.

We all know very well that the Honda developers give the enormous amount of an attention to the safety car kit, and due that fact, it is planned that all-new Honda Jazz comes along equipped with highly developed safety and entertainment technologies. Some of the most relevant ones, are: a 5-inch LCD screen or 7-inch touch screen central display unit that comes along coupled with advanced navigation system, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB and even Wi-Fi capacities, an optional auto high beams, traffic sign recognition framework, lane departure warning and front collision warning, systems. Shortly said, all-new Honda Jazz will retain its typical Jazz silhouette and it is planned to show its pretty unique contemporary styling, including here, the physically powerful lines, as well as a commanding new face.
2016 Honda Jazz Exterior

Engine of new 2016 Jazz

There won’t be any surprises under the hood. It is planned that under the hood of this brand new variant come empowered with a fresh four-cylinder 1.3 liter Inline-VTEC gasoline power plant. Despite being pretty small, the strength of this particular engine has been estimated around 130 HP and developing approximate a 114 lbs. of torque. It will, also, ensure an enormous fuel savings and pretty reliable performance. This particular engine will be available, matched with either a continuously variable automatic transmission or with a 6-speed manual transmission. The two-wheel-drive models and the 4 wheel drive models will come along paired with the engine mated to the continuously variable automatic transmission, only.
2016 Honda Jazz Engine

Release Date & Prices of 2016 Honda Jazz

The Japanese car maker has in their plan that the 2016 Honda Jazz launch on a global car market during the second half of 2015, with the base price ranging from $16,610 to $20,885.

More on history of the model: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_Jazz

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