2016 Honda HR-V Vezel Appearance and Specs

2016 Honda HR-V Vezel would be a new addition to the vehicle market and a good one. More precisely, the demand for this vehicle would be very high due to is great exterior design which would be perfectly combined with great engine performances and equipment packages.
2016 Honda HR-V Vezel Front Side

2016 Honda HR-V Vezel Exterior

First of all, it needs to be said that the manufacturer would offer 2016 Honda HR-V Vezel in three versions, i.e. trims, and they are LX, EX and EX-L Navi. This SUV would have very elegant and aesthetically pleasing exterior design which would be combined with the latest LED technology used for headlights and taillights. In addition to this, the SUV would be produced with four doors, and a trunk door.
2016 Honda HR-V Vezel Exterior

Interior of 2016 HR-V Vezel

2016 Honda HR-V Vezel would have two rows of seats and the total capacity for five passengers. They would enjoy in seats and upholstery made form very good materials. Moreover, the manufacturer would make this SUV trendy since he would also offer a touchscreen and satellite navigation. Additionally, there would also be Bluetooth, MP3 and USB connectivity.
2016 Honda HR-V Vezel Interior

Engine and Transmission of new 2016 Honda HR-V Vezel

Regarding the engine choice for 2016 Honda HR-V Vezel, the manufacturer has chosen to use a 1.8 liter engine as the base engine for this SUV. This engine would have 16 valves and it would have four cylinders. In addition to this, this would also be a SOHC engine. The manufacturer has made this engine capable of providing 141 horsepower and using 127 lb-ft of torque. Then, the manufacturer would provide the front-wheel driving system as a base one while the four-wheel driving system would be also offered for some trims. This engine would be also made to be fuel efficient, and the fuel consumption would be 9.3l in city and 7.0l on highway when we are talking about the front-wheel driving system and 8.8l in city and 7.2l on highway when we are taking about the four-wheel driving system. The manufacturer would offer different transmission options for this SUV: manual transmission which would have six speeds and the CVT transmission.
2016 Honda HR-V Vezel Engine

2016 HR-V Vezel Price

Even though we have some information about 2016 Honda HR-V Vezel, we still know nothing about the sales of this SUV> this practically means that the prices are also a kind of a mystery. However, there have been some estimates that the prices for this SUV would be: $21,990, $24,290, $23,190, $24,490, $26,790 and $29,990. These depend on the trim and equipment package a potential buyer chooses.
2016 Honda HR-V Vezel Rear

Release Date of 2016 Honda HR-V Vezel

2016 Honda HR-V Vezel has seen the light of the day, and some information about it is known, however, there have not been any reliable information about the commencement of the sales of this SUV. Some people put this date for the final month of 2015, or for the beginning of 2016. The time would tell.

All in all, 2016 Honda HR-V Vezel would be a great choice for ll those who are looking for the combination of strength, reliability and power.

More info: http://www.wheels.ca/car-reviews/2016-honda-hr-v-review/

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